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            SV705 Dispense Valve
            ? Line dispensed without liquid volume changing with specialized ball drive model

            ? Lifespan of sealing with flour material can be extended

            ? Applicable Material: frit glass bonding, epoxy

            - There is no glue residual after dispensed, due to hydrolysate parts without any glue volume change

            - Applies to liquid with flour because of good abrasion resistance

            - Optimise some defects of regular dispense valve of rotation model

            - Applied to line coating with large amount of glue volume

            - Applicable Material: epoxy, frit glass bonding, etc.

            - Application Area: back lighting bonding process, etc.

            - Maximum Oil Pressure: 40kgf/cm2

            - Applicable Air Pressure: 4~5 kgf/cm2

            - Applicable Temperature: 5℃~60℃

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