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            SV400 Dispense Valve
            Micro dispense glue volume, with quick response
            - Used for lubrication liquid dispensing, maximum pressure for material is 60 kgf/c㎡.

            - Applicable Material: grease, oil.

            - Application Area: keyboard of video device (grease oil dispense), CD ROM desk (oil dispense), apply grease on gears of different spec.

            - Applicable Material: grease oil, lubrication liquid, etc.

            - Application Area: keyboard of video device (grease oil dispense), CD ROM desk ( oil dispense), apply grease on gears of different spec. 

            - Maximum Hydraulic Pressure: 60 kgf/cm2

            - Application Air Pressure: 4~5 kgf/cm2

            - Application Temperature: 5℃~60℃

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